Flowers really do intoxicate me. ~Vita Sackville-West

Beautiful Bleeding Heart

Beautiful Bleeding Heart

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lovely L's - Lilac and Lily of the Valley

This is the time of year when the scents of flowers can truly intoxicate you and make you lose your head! A few years ago I had the opportunity to get rid of evergreen bushes I never liked and plant 2 lilacs in their place. Newer varieties of lilacs have lots of pluses over older varieties. For me, I was able to find lilacs that will stay about 8 feet tall and not grow to the

towering 20 feet I often see old lilacs growing to in Western NY. Also, the flowers on these lilacs are as long as my forearm! The scent is heavenly as well because what would a lilac be without its fragrance? Lily of the valley are my second L - love this time of year. For as tiny as the flower is, it gives off a scent that 100 times larger than its diminuative size. If I sit in a chair at the front corner of my porch, I can smell both the lilacs and lily of the valley. I wish science could find a way to truly bottle these scents. Some soaps and perfumes I've smelled come close, but they do not hold a torch to the real thing. Both of these plants are so easy to grow, everyone should add them to their yard and enjoy this intoxicating time of year.

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